Tourists in London: What Attracts Tourists to London?

Why are tourists attracted to London

What attracts visitors to London is more than the amazing pictures of its magnificent ancient cathedrals, palaces, bridges, and museums.   London is big, diverse, influential, rich, and packed with many amusing things people from all over the world want to come and see.  

Every street in London looks different with unique buildings, fantastic attractions everywhere, and some buildings are better than others.  Such variances are not just in Central London, they stretch out to Greater London as well.  But there are more reasons why London is so attractive.

Why are Tourists Attracted to London? 

London is a city where different things work together.  It is a city where modern things intermingle enthusiastically with the traditional. 

Another great thing about London is the mix of different nationalities.  Britain used to own a vast empire spanning the globe. 

Many people keep hearing about London is the greatest city in the world, so they come to experience it themselves.

Also, people don’t necessarily need to speak English to feel comfortable as more than 300 languages are spoken on the streets of London.

There is no other city with an international population like London has. It is the most multicultural city in the world.

London is big and easy to get around it.  The public transport system is both efficient and fun.  You can use the London Underground train network or get on a double-decker bus and enjoy the view of London.   You can go anywhere, there are no areas for tourists to avoid in London.

People get inspired to explore the city center as soon as they arrive at any of the many London airports. 

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Tourists Attractions in London 

Central London is the beating heart of everything that goes on in this city.  And the great thing about it, there are many things for tourists to do in London.  Also, most of the things people usually want to see are within a walking distance of each other.

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River Thames, the London Eye, and the Tower of London

Flowing through London is the famous River Thames and along its banks.  Visitors get stunned to see the number of attractions along the banks of the River Thames. 

The London Eye is the largest observation wheel in the world.  It is a massive Ferris wheel and stands 443 feet tall.  It is one of the iconic attractions people want to see particularly during Christmas time.

Still on the banks of River Thames is the Tower of London.  People visit that place to see and admire the impressive Crown Jewels of England.  And a short walk from the Tower of London is Tower Bridge which also draws many tourists to London. 

The Palace of Westminster, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace

The Palace of Westminster also known as Houses of Parliament is the oldest parliament in the world. It is a beautiful gothic building that has over 1,000 thousand rooms 11 courtyards, and 100 staircases and it was first built over 1,000 years ago.  

Next to the Houses of Parliament is Big Ben.  Big Ben is the bell that chimes inside the giant clock tower called the Queen Elizabeth Tower.  The clock was named after Queen Elizabeth the Second on her 60th year of reign. 

When some people think about London one of the first things that come to their mind is Buckingham Palace.  It is the official home of the Queen of the United Kingdom and has been the main home for the monarch’s side of 1837. 

Fifteen million visitors come to see the Palace every year. But Buckingham Palace is also used for the administrative work for the royals.  And that is where the Queen of the United Kingdom receives and entertains her guests.  

One of the many interesting things that happen at Buckingham Palace is the Changing of the Guard.  It is a ceremony that welcomes people to London and takes place in full view of spectators. 

Every day the old guard is replaced by the new one.  It is an exciting, colorful ceremony that brings thousands of local people and tourists to London to watch it every day.  They arrive early in the morning to get the right spot and a clear view of the event.

Shopping in London 

London has a thriving shopping district.  Oxford street is lined with big department stores.  It is fun to feel the energy of the shoppers in London. 

The city has more elegant areas to shop from. People who don’t want big shopping centers, go to small ancient English shops selling everything expensive from hats, handmade shoes, handbags, and umbrellas.  

Moving to the west of London you find a different atmosphere.  The west side of the city has always been considered the most affluent part of London.  The area has plenty of great attractions to match including some of the finest shops for the wealthy. 

Harrods is one of those shops.  It is a huge luxurious department store with more than 90,000sq meters of floor space. It sells almost every luxury item on seven across seven floors and 330 departments. 

London Museums

The British Museum is massive and free to enter.  It was established in the 1700s and it focuses on art, culture, and human history.  It has collected over 8 million of amazing objects from different parts of the world over the last half-century.

The Natural History and Science Museum is near Harrods.  The museum was opened to the public in 1852 and has a collection of around five million objects.  It is the biggest museum of its kind in the world and attracts a lot of tourists to London all year round. 

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Modern London, Canary Wharf 

London keeps developing the east side and Canary Wharf is the prime example of that.  Canary Wharf is right on the mighty River Thames and it is the investment banking capital of Europe.  Its iconic modern skyscrapers provide the most spectacular views of Central London and beyond. 

Canary Wharf is home to some of the most famous global financial corporations.  But it is not only businesses that are thriving here, but the area also attracts tourists to London east end.  

Canary Wharf also offers over exclusive underground shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, and entertainment.  East London has excellent transport links to Central London – this includes rail, bus, and even boat.

London City airport which is just three miles away from the city center offers many destinations in Europe as well as business flights to New York 

Greenwich Village

Move further east on River Thames you will find Greenwich. While Greenwich is within the limits of London, it looks and feels like a village. 

There is a lot of history, ancient buildings, attractions, and fun in Greenwich.  Including lively street markets and amazing museums. 

London makes it easy to know how different nationalities live and work together.  It is a city where people, streets, buildings, museums, history, attractions, and entertainment are different, unlike in other cities around the world. 

Those things don’t only attract first-time tourists to London but also encourage those who have been there before to keep coming back again and again.

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