Villages in London: Why Greenwich is the Best Area to Live in London

Greenwich is the best place to stay in London because it has; less air pollution in London, London must eat food, cool London restaurants; riverside living

Greenwich is one of the villages in London with lots of historical attractions.  But is Greenwich a nice place to live?  Not just beautiful, Greenwich is the best area to live in London for anyone who wants both the urban and rural ways of living. 

If you haven’t yet decided where to stay in London, the choice is simple.  Greenwich is pretty, but what makes it the best is not because of its quirky charm and historical attractions.  It’s the things other over-promoted London areas like Convent Garden, Mayfair, Kensington don’t have.

Greenwich is the best neighborhood in London with:

  • Better Air Quality
  • Rural-Urban Lifestyle
  • Old Fashioned sense of Community
  • The Best Cultural Attraction
  • Good Outdoor Activities
  • Amazing Riverside Living
  • The Best Family Environment
  • Hills and Endless Green Walking Space
  • Beautiful Cobbled Streets

What Part of London is Greenwich?

Greenwich is located in the South-East of London and separated from the Eastside of London by the River Thames.  Greenwich is green and is so quiet – you can’t believe it is just a few minutes away from Central London.  

When you compare the quality of living in Greenwich with that of other areas around the British capital – Greenwich is the best place to live and one of the most captivating London villages to visit. 

1. Air Quality in London

The air quality in Greenwich is much better than in other places, particularly the posh areas in Central London.  There are too many buses, lorries, black taxis, and delivery vans that clog the streets of Central London every day, making the city more polluted. 

Also, the air that comes from the London Underground or subway stations is not clean.  That makes the people living and working in the surrounding areas more venerable to specific health challenges.

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2. Best London Neighborhoods to Stay

Nearby Blackheath is one of the neighborhoods in London and has the charm many people want when they look for the best area to stay in London.  But Greenwich is a majestic and more charming than all other London villages.  

Staying in Greenwich gives a feeling of living urban and rural lifestyles together in the same area – it is nothing like the rest of London. 

There is easy access to many amenities and places of interest.  Even though there are many museums, historical landmarks, markets, cafés, restaurants, bars, and boutique shops, do not be misled into thinking Greenwich is simply a tourist attraction.

Greenwich has a thriving community that cherishes the urban and village way of living and respects all lifestyles.  People with different backgrounds can sit together and enjoy fresh beer brewed by local microbreweries. 

Locals get along together just fine, something tough to find in many London’s upscale areas. 

There has been a lot of development in the surrounding places in the past 15 years.  But Greenwich has kept many of its historic qualities.  The area is still quirky and exciting with spectacular architecture from palaces, cottages, Georgian, Victorian, to modern apartments. 

3. Best Area to Stay in a London Village

East to west, the Royal Borough of Greenwich is also the best place to stay in London with a family.  The whole area still has an old-fashioned sense of community. 

There are beautiful Georgian terraces, old Victorian villas, and Victorian cottages in Greenwich – perfect for families wanting the green atmosphere and more for their money.

The Georgian and Victorian houses in Greenwich and its neighborhood Blackheath Village can compete with any overpriced property in areas like Hampstead, Highgate, or Primrose Hill.

Living in North Greenwich: There are also new houses and apartments springing up on the Greenwich peninsula.  Living in North Greenwich allows enjoying the panoramic views of the Thames, Canary Wharf, and Central London skyline from a balcony or terrace for riverside living in London’s best urban village.

4. Places of Interest in Greenwich

Greenwich has many interesting places and one of those is the Fan Museum. The Fan Museum is devoted to the history of fans and the art of fan making. It’s the only museum of this kind in London and the United Kingdom.

The Museum has a diverse collection of fans of politics, fashion, fine art, architecture and more from around the world dating back to the 12th century. The Fan Museum is in buildings of great beauty and elegance that were constructed in 1721.

5. Things to do in Greenwich

There are many things to do in Greenwich. People jump on the ferocious speedboats, where they enjoy being in an excellent speeding boat while sightseeing the magnificent attractions along both sides of the Thames River.

Others stroll through some world-class museums and other many historical landmarks. And many visit the world sole serving tea clipper, the Cutty stark cafe, to relax and enjoy the traditional British of afternoon tea.

6. Things to do in London for Kids

There are loads of things for kids to do in Greenwich.  You do not need to go to Central London for anything to entertain kids.  Greenwich provides many options.  

The vast parks provide the perfect space for kids to do whatever they like, cycle, run, scream, or tease the birds and squirrels.

Greenwich is the best place to stay in London because it has; less air pollution in London, London must eat food, cool London restaurants; riverside living

The world-class museums in Greenwich have many activities for children of all ages.  The O2 is more than an entertainment venue, and it’s a fantastic place for families to enjoy a day out.

Kids love to fly in an Emirates cable car across the River Thames to the Royal Docks, land an aircraft in a fantastic flight simulator at O2, or travel down the river in either water bus or a high-powered boat.

Also, kids enjoy the Oxygen free-jumping and bouncing on a giant airbag. There’s a ten pin bowling at Hollywood Bowl and one of the largest multiplex cinemas in London.  

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7. Best Place to Stay in London for Walking

Greenwich is a great place for outdoor activities.  Greenwich Park was laid out in 1433, so it is the oldest green park in London.  

It is vast and offers space for whatever you like to do – you can walk, hide, run, jump, or climb up the hills.  There are other parks as well, and back street roads, all suitable for walking. 

Many people usually wander along the Thames and take pictures.  Also, you can walk from Greenwich to Blackheath while admiring the beautiful green vegetation along the way – you also get the opportunity to see the charm of Blackheath Village.

8. Best Places to Cycle in London

Greenwich is one of the best places to cycle in London. It is, in fact, a cyclist’s dream. There are many fantastic places for cycling and routes to try out each day — for short journeys to longer journeys around the borough.

Cycling also gives an easy option to move around Greenwich. You can even ride along the banks of River Thames and get a fantastic atmosphere.

Alternatively, you can ride a bike and head out to many areas within Greenwich that feel like the countryside.

9. Best Area to Stay in London for Young Adults

Greenwich is the best place for young adults who are looking for a quiet neighborhood, and those preferring a buzzing nightlife.

It’s a brilliant place to be as a young adult because of it’s cultural and social with a great sense of community.

Greenwich also has cinemas, fast food outlets, boutique shops, clubs, event centers, and parks for outdoor activities.

East London is exciting, and it’s in a short distance, particularly Canary Wharf where they can find all the things that appeal to their lifestyles.

Brick Lane and Stratford too are not far away, and they are fantastic places for young adults to hang around.

10. Best Area to Stay in London for Tourists

Greenwich is a tourist’s dream destination.  River Thames divides London in two, by running through it, from west to east before reaching the English Channel where it dumps its water.

The river harbors much of the city’s landmarks and attractions – the Tower of London, the London Eye, The Houses of Parliament, HMS Belfast and many more.

Greenwich is along the River Thames, and the area has a lot of historical landmarks that attract many tourists.  

Among the many attractions include the world’s largest maritime museum, and Cutty Sark the last surviving clipper known for the record-breaking round-the-world trip.  All that makes Greenwich one of the best areas to stay in London for sightseeing.

Greenwich Park is home to the United Kingdom’s largest refracting telescope and the only planetarium in London.

Travelling on the river Thames water taxi from Greenwich across the city to the west side of London feels incredibly awesome.  It’s the best way to explore the many London attractions along the River Thames from a vantage point.

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11. Best Hotels in London for Tourists are in Greenwich

Being a visitor in London can be hard work. It is challenging to get peaceful evenings and nights when you stay around or in the middle of a city that barely sleeps.

Greenwich has the best London neighborhood for tourists, and the most convenient London hotels near tourist attractions. So, it is the perfect area to live in during your London visit.  

Most hotels are located away from the main roads, unlike Central London, where the noise from traffic is part of everyday life.

There is a wide choice of accommodation available in Greenwich, including some of the world’s top hotels like InterContinental, DoubleTree by Hilton, Novotel and many more.

Just over to the other side of the Thames in London Docklands, there’s Aloft London ExCel, Riverside Plaza at Canary Wharf, Radisson Blu, New Providence Wharf and more.

You’ll also find many Bed & Breakfast, and AirBnB types of accommodation in the area – and budget hotels offer quality rooms in historic locations.

There are also plenty of quality self-catering apartments which are fully equipped with luxury to give visitors a comfortable and convenient living.

12. Coolest Restaurants in London

Greenwich has the coolest restaurants in London that cater to everyone.  Whether it’s fine dining or cheap food, you find them there – including Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Brazilian, Mexican restaurants. 

People can also dine at many Hotels in the town or just head to the Greenwich Peninsular for more choices. 

East London is culturally more diverse than any other part of Greater London.  That is where to go if you’re craving food from different parts of the world. 

East London also has so many eateries that can compete with the overpriced restaurants in central and west London.

Greenwich is the best place to stay in London because it has; less air pollution in London, London must eat food, cool London restaurants; riverside living

Canary Wharf has some of the most excellent restaurants, cafes, pubs, and cocktail bars in London. 

If you want something different, just cross the Thames in style, jump in the Emirates Cable car and then land close to the ExCeL Exhibition Centre near the City Airport.  In this area, there’s a bunch of excellent restaurants serving some of the best cuisines in London.

13. London Must Eat Food

London must eat food in places like Shoreditch, Brick Lane, Whitechapel, Mile End, and Stratford. All these East London areas are full of Chinese, East Asian, South American, Caribbean, East European, and African food.

To travel from Greenwich to Stratford takes less than 30 minutes on a DLR.  There is no direct DLR train service from Greenwich to Brick Lane and Shoreditch. 

But it’s easy to change at Shadwell DLR station for an onward train to Shoreditch. The whole journey takes approximately 30 minutes.

14. Safer Nightlife

Greenwich has a great nightlife with the right mix of quirky wine and cocktail bars, including some great traditional English pubs.  There are theatres, cinema houses, and night clubs in the area. 

Greenwich’s proximity to London Docklands and good transport links to Stratford, Shoreditch, adds more options to its exciting nightlife.

15. Safe Areas to Live in London

Greenwich is generally a safe area to live in, according to London Metropolitan Police Service statistics. But like any other part of London or anywhere else, you must take precautions at all times. The roads are safe at night if you do not walk in dark alleys alone.

16. Good Public Transport

The Underground Jubilee line station at North Greenwich is a little out of the town center.  But you can get to the station by taking a short ride on a bus. 

The Jubilee line offers convenient short journeys from North Greenwich station in and around central London.  It is just over 11 minutes by train to London Bridge and 14 minutes to Waterloo station. 

On a National rail train from Greenwich to London Bridge or Victoria stations, it’s just 15 and 30 minutes respectively.  There’s also a direct Thameslink train service between Greenwich and Luton Airport. 

Travelling to Bank station, at the heart of London’s financial center by the DLR takes less than 25 minutes from Greenwich.  Getting to Canary Wharf is just 10 minutes, and Stratford is around 30 minutes journey from the Cutty Sark station in Greenwich.

17. Greenwich Water Taxi

The river bus from Greenwich provides the best memorable travelling experience to Canary Wharf, Central London, or the west-side of River Thames. 

The boats don’t get overcrowded like the Underground tube, and no traffic congestion on the river, so it’s quicker than a bus or a black taxi. Every passenger gets a seat on the river bus, so you travel in comfort and style while sightseeing and sipping a glass of wine.

The river bus departs every 20 minutes from North Greenwich Pier to Central London, stopping on all piers including the London Eye and London Bridge. 

You’re guaranteed to enjoy spectacular views while travelling and sipping a coffee, beer, or a glass of champagne from the boat’s onboard bars. 

18. Short Journey from Greenwich to London City Airport

For Business travellers to Europe, New York or beyond, staying in Greenwich removes the hustle and stress of travelling to the distant Gatwick, Luton, or Heathrow airports.

London City airport is just on the other side of the Thames. It is the only real London airport by address.  And arguably the most civilized and convenient London airport for all flights to Europe and those who travel business-class only to New York City.

Getting to London City Airport from Greenwich is very easy.  It takes just over 20 minutes by the DLR to get to the city airport via Canary Wharf. 

The Cable car from the Greenwich Peninsula to the Royal Docks close to London City airport takes 10 minutes.  Also, the London bus service runs many routes between Greenwich and the city airport. 

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