19 Amazing Places to Visit Around London England

There are very few places around the world that carry the same kind of fame as the city of London does. Whether you are there for work, to visit friends or family, or to simply enjoy a vacation, there’s a good chance that you will want to spend some time exploring some of what this great city has to offer.  London is famous for its museums, parks, historical buildings and other attractions you won’t find anywhere else. But there are plenty of places to visit around London that you can consider without having to worry about your wallet.

19 Places to Visit in London England

1. The Museum of London

It can generally go without saying that people are going to be interested in a city that has played as much of a role in history as London has, and at the Museum of London, you can learn about the city’s history.

In fact, history doesn’t just span from the city’s creation, but from prehistoric times where you can learn about what London was before anyone could settle the land. From here, you can also learn about how the Romans and the Saxons changed the course of young London’s development.

If you are interested in history, or you simply want to learn more about London while you are there, this free museum should be one of the most famous visiting places in London that are on your list.

2. Sir John Soane’s Museum

Another museum that you will want to keep your eye on is going to be the former residence of Sir John Soane. While you might not recognize the name at first, this is the architect who designed the Bank of England.

Someone who carried as much prestige as this is going to have a number of interesting treasures all around the house that you will be able to look at.

In fact, his collection of belongings includes over 20,000 drawings, antiquities, and works by other artists whose names will go down in history, such as Canaletto and Hogarth. These are just a few of the treasures that you can find in this free museum.

3. The Bank of England Museum

Nice places to visit around London

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Speaking of the architect who designed the Bank of England, the bank actually has a free museum that anyone who is interested in economics might want to visit.

At this museum, you will learn about the story of the Bank of England and the role that it has played in the world’s economy ever since its foundation in 1694.

In this bank, there are also gold bars that date back from ancient times, pikes and muskets that were once used to defend the bank, and even Roman pottery and mosaics. There’s even a chance that you will be able to hold a genuine bar of gold.

4. The Victoria and Albert Museum

You cannot really go to London and not visit this museum. After all, it is one of the most famous visiting places in London, considering the fact that it is the world’s leading museum of art, design, and performance. It holds over 3,000 years of human history in the form of creativity.

There are sections of the museum dedicated to fashion, metalworking, sculpturing, painting, photography, and so on.

If you want to see a summary of human creativity all summed up in one place, then this is the free museum where you should decide to spend your time. There are many one-of-a-kind treasures here that you won’t be able to see anywhere else.

5. The Anaesthesia Museum

If strange and niche interests are more your style, then you might want to consider taking a visit to the Anaesthesia Museum. This is one of the many places to visit around London for free when you are spending your time in the British capital.

As the name might suggest, this is a medical museum that focuses primarily on anesthesia.

There are plenty of stories about it, as well as over 2,000 objects relating to it. The collection of items in this museum date all the way back to 1774, when medicine was something completely different than the science-based field that it is today.

6. The Science Museum

For the final museum, you will want to pay a visit to London’s esteemed science museum. Fun for both children and adults, this interactive museum is the best place to learn some science and look at some of the exhibits.

There are many, many world-famous objects amongst the 15,000 total objects in this museum, including the Apollo 10 command capsule and Stephenson’s Rocket.

For the children, besides the interactive exhibits, there is also an IMAX 3D and 4D cinema, where they can experience the world of science through video, keeping them entertained.

7. The Bushy Park

Most Visiting Places in London

If you love wildlife and want to see it in person, then Bushy Park might be one of the best places in London for you to check out. Not only is it the second-largest Royal Park, but it is also home to several hundred deer that are completely allowed to roam free throughout the park.

While you should be careful taking extremely young children here, there’s a chance that you might be able to see deer up close when you choose to go to this park.

Aside from the deer, there is more than enough space for you to take a stroll and let your mind wander if you feel the need.

Cycling is allowed, and horse-riding is allowed in certain areas. There is grassland, woodland, ponds, streams, ancient trees, and many different types of wildlife for you to see.

8. The Richmond Park

Speaking of large parks filled with deer, you could also decide to visit the largest of the Royal Parks: Richmond Park. Over double the size of Bushy Park, this park boasts picturesque landscapes, rolling hills, and dense woodlands that surround trees that have been around for centuries.

As for the deer population in the park, there are about 650 deer that call this park home.

There are playgrounds for the children and golf courses for the family. If you are in the mood to fish, then you can do that in the Pen Ponds. There is a plantation, as well as the Pembroke Lodge where you can eat when you get hungry.

9. The St. James’s Park

If you are interested in wildlife at all, you might want to consider paying a visit to St. James’s Park. This park, while notably smaller than the previous ones, has just as much to offer in its own way. For instance, it is home to the Mall, which is where many ceremonial parades and events are held.

As for the wildlife, you will be able to watch the pelicans being fed every day at a specific hour. In addition to the pelicans, there are other water birds, owls, woodpeckers, and bats that you can watch so long as you keep your distance.

For the children, there is a playground, and for you, there are deck chairs that are available from April to September.

10. The Holland Park

Another park that you will want to keep your eyes on is going to be the Holland Park. This park is very serene and peaceful, being a great place for you to take a stroll and let your mind wander off.

There are plenty of animals for animal lovers to enjoy seeing, ranging from typical birds and insects to the occasional peacock.

For being in central London, there is a considerable amount of woodland in Holland Park, making it one of the unique visiting places in London for free. Within the park, there is an orangery, a Japanese garden, as well as some tennis courts and a cricket pitch.

11. The Camden Market

Top visiting places in London

The Camden Market, often abbreviated to simply Camden is a massive sprawling area where you can shop, visit, and eat to your complete content.

Whether you are with the children or you are visiting friends or even family, the Camden Market is a place where everyone can find something to appreciate.

Between window shopping and actual shopping inside the market to eat some delicious food prepared by one of the hundreds of stalls, there’s a good chance that you will have more than enough to do at this market.

With that being said, there is even more to it than you might expect, making it well worth it to visit in person.

12. The Columbia Road Flower Market

If flowers are one of your favorite things, then you might be interested in taking a stroll down the Columbia Road Flower Market.

Considering the fact that you don’t need to buy anything or pay for anything just to take a walk, it becomes one of the most scenic walks that you can take with countless vendors showing off their best flowers for you to see.

There are plants, flowers, garden fittings and equipment that you can look at while you stop and smell the roses.

13. The Regent’s Park with Primrose Hill

Speaking of roses, there is no better place to smell them than at Regent’s Park with Primrose Hill. This is a park in central London, home to one of the most beautiful rose gardens that you will find.

Whether you are looking for somewhere romantic to take your special someone, or you simply want to see what the parks of London have to offer, this park will provide a unique experience that you may not be able to experience elsewhere.

The park also offers an open-air theatre, a zoo, cafes, wildlife watching, and plenty of sporting areas so that you can get all of your extra energy out.

14. The Highgate Wood

If you are visiting places and you decide that you want to take a walk, you might not want the heavy city atmosphere hanging around when you just want some time to yourself.

As you can imagine, a city as developed as London is going to have plenty of places where you can walk around at your own will. This includes Highgate Wood, a wooded area in the suburbs of London.

Here, you will find a disused railway line, wildlife habitats, and ancient trees surrounding you while you take a walk to clear your mind. If you are interested in photography, this could also make an excellent spot for it.

15. The Epping Forest

Another forest that you might want to look at, both for its photographic sights and its serene nature, is the Epping Forest. This forest combines both aspects of grasslands and wetlands to be one of London’s three Special Areas for Conservation.

The more urban portions of this forest are going to contain ancient woodlands and grasslands filled with insects and plants that you may not be able to see anywhere else. If you are interested in spotting rare plants and animals, Epping Forest might be the best place to do so.

16. The South Bank

The best visiting places in London England

Taking a moment away from the forest, you might find yourself wanting to experience something besides trees and city life.

One of your choices might be to take a walk around South Bank and Waterloo on the southern side of the river Thames. Here, there will still be plenty of art galleries, restaurants, and massive attractions to catch your attention, but you will also have one side of the river, allowing you to sit down and relax if you wanted to.

Depending on the time of day, South Bank can become one of the most beautiful areas in London, with the city lights reflecting off the calm river waters.

17. London Strawberry Tours

Despite what the name suggests, you won’t really be walking in a field of strawberries on these tours. Strawberry Tours is one of the best visiting places in London for free that you might want to experience, as they offer free walking tours all around town.

If you are new to the city and want to see all the big sights, but also don’t want to get lost, then this would be the perfect opportunity for you. You will be able to check how long the tours take when they are, and what exactly they encompass, allowing you to choose the perfect tour for your interests.

18. God’s Own Junkyard

If you are interested in seeing some of the strange, yet intriguing parts of London, you might want to consider paying a visit to God’s Own Junkyard. This is Europe’s largest collection of neon vintage signs, creating an environment that you, quite literally, cannot experience anywhere else.

Whether you want to stay for the events that happen here, or you simply want to experience the atmosphere of the continent’s largest collection of vintage neon signs all in one place, there’s a good chance that you will fully enjoy yourself.

19. The British Library

Last, but most definitely not least, there is the British Library. No matter if you are a history buff or you are someone who lives for books, there are many reasons why you should consider paying a visit to this place.

For one, there are plenty of literary treasures to look at, including lyrics from the Beatles’ songs and the famous Magna Carta.

The British Library often has exhibitions, with some of them being free. There is history to be learned, books to be read, and one of the most beautiful and famous visiting places in London to experience.

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