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London Things to do With Kids Near Me

London things to do with kids

If you’re asking for things to do with kids near me, don’t worry at all, today there are more things to do with kids in London Eastside

Taxi in London – Getting Around in London

London black cabs parked on London taxi rank

Using a Taxi in London is convenient than travelling on a bus or it’s more flexible and comfortable than the overcrouded tube 

United Kingdom Currency: the British Pound

United Kingdom Currency | British Pounds

What is the currency in London?  The pound sterling is the United Kingdom currency used in London.  Its official name is a sterling pound, but commonly known as the pound….

What is the Best Time of Year to Go to London?

Best time to go and visit London

Best time of year to go to London is between March and May when the Flights are relatively cheaper, Hotel accommodation is discounted, Air quality is better

Moving into London? Things to Know Before Moving to London

Moving to London, cost of living in London and tips on move into London

Before contemplating moving into London, you should at least have some rough ideas of

Villages in London: Why Greenwich is the Best Area to Live in London

Greenwich is the best place to stay in London because it has; less air pollution in London, London must eat food, cool London restaurants; riverside living

Greenwich is one of the villages in London and this’s why it’s the best area to live in London; the Rural Urban Lifestyle, Better Air Quality, Old Fashioned sense of community

Best Museums for Toddlers in London

Best London Museums for Kids

Here is some of the best museum for toddlers in London – Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood, Natural History of the Museum, Museum of London Docklands

Why you Must Travel by Thames River Taxi

London River Taxi

There are many good reasons why you should travel by Thames river taxi in London.  It’s much easier and quicker than a bus, more pleasant than the Underground tube and

The Greatest City in the World: What is London famous for?

London is known for many things and it is unique

London is famous for much more than just the magnificent ancient buildings, Palace of Westminster, Trafalgar Square, Tower of London, London Eye, Art Galleries, Big Ben, Service

Driving in London: Is Driving in London Hard?

Driving in London tips

Very few people can forget their first experience of driving in London. Driving a car in the British capital can embarrass even the regular drivers.