No-Go Areas in London: Is London a Safe city?

How Safe is London? Is London Safe to Visit?

London is a great city, and many people believe it is the greatest.  Anyone who has been to other beautiful cities around the world knows London is more beautiful and charming.The city’s population is diverse and open to new things. There is a lot to see, and much to do in London.  Even on a murky day, people do not get bored in the British capital.

No Go Areas in London for Tourists

Is London a safe place to vist? Well it is not perfect, but it is pretty a safe city when compared to other major cities in the world. There are no official no-go areas in London for visitors. London police are probably the most professional police service in the world, and they keep the city safe.

However, if you are planning to visit the British capital, it is worth being more careful because crime does exist in London. Staying safe during the visit is extremely important.

Surprisingly, many visitors overlook many sources of crime when they are in London. Robbery and theft are common in hotels, trains, buses, and on the streets.

Very few people think of the possibility of being a victim of a crime while in a London hotel. However, theft and robbery exist in some hotels and can even happen before walking into a hotel room. Be vigilant before checking-in and all the time after.

Do not walk into the hotel before and leave the luggage behind. It is best to stay close to your bags during check-in. That prevents the likelihood of losing belongings if momentarily be distracted.

Identity and Bank card theft

Identity theft happens a lot in hotels located in big cities like London. Copying passport, bank debit card, or credit card details is a common practice in most hotels.

Nowadays, it is so easy for someone to snap a quick photo of someone’s identities, bank cards, and use them for fraudulent purposes.

They can do it so quick without the identity owner realising someone has taken their identity details.  So, like elsewhere do not carelessly leave any personal belongings like passport, debit, or credit card on the hotel counter in London.

It is safer to stay in a hotel room located higher than the ground floor — somewhere between the third and sixth floors is ideal. The rooms on these floors are high enough to avoid someone breaking in and low enough to be reached in case of an emergency.

Pay close attention to the room door lock and ensure that it is fully functioning. Do not accept any room that does not have a deadbolt. Always use the deadbolt when in the room.

How Safe is London? Is London Safe to Visit?

Before leaving the hotel room, lock all valuable items in the hotel safe. If the room does not have a safe, ask to keep them at the reception.

Alternatively, consider making reservations elsewhere unless you have the assurance that your properties are going to be safe.

Traveling on Foot

There is no area in London where you cannot go on foot. Many Londoners get around the great city by walking, and it is safe to walk around London. However, when out and about in London, it is super important to be vigilant and aware of what is going on around you.

Many of the dangers someone may face while walking in London can be avoided simply by paying attention to the surroundings. So, being mindful of what is around you goes a long way towards keeping safe.

It is also essential to have the proper knowledge of the area. It is good to know where you are going in advance and plan multiple routes to the destination. London has a lot of parks and alleyways, try to avoid taking short cuts in those areas unless it is safe to do so.

Be more careful when walking alone, especially at night. Make sure to remain on roads that are well lit and relatively busy

Always stay alert whenever talking on a mobile phone, or carrying a laptop bag. Someone can still snatch the mobile phone from anyone on the London streets.

It is not just the handset you can lose, but also contact numbers, messages, and photos too. So, do not become a target talking on a phone in unsafe places.

Crime on public transportation networks in London

The London public transport network is vast and one of the busiest in the world. Close to 11 million passengers use the London public transport services every day, with just a few of them ever experiencing or witnessing a crime.

So, the chances of someone becoming a victim of crime remain very low – as less than ten crimes recorded for every million passenger journeys made.

Traveling by Bus

Traveling on a London bus is generally safe. There are security cameras installed on every bus, but still, there are regular cases of crime committed on board. Most of the crimes are mugging, robberies, and theft.

At the bus stop, wait in a well-lighted area or near other people. Most crimes occur in dark and deserted areas.

When entering the bus be watchful, but remain calm. Try and sit near other people and try to locate where the emergency alarms are on a bus.

Most London Buses are double-decker and many people choose to sit at the top deck to have better views of the city. However, try to avoid sitting on the top floor if only one or two people are up there.

Some people are very personable and love to meet new people if this sounds like you, control yourself and be careful.

How Safe is London: Is London safe at night?

It is better to have one small carry-on bag. There is not any storage room on London buses. Therefore, carrying one luggage will be easier to keep safe and will be hard for someone to steal it.

Always take note of the bus number in case anything unusual happens.  You will have to use the bus number to make a complaint or report something.

Traveling by Train

Even though the London Underground and Overground trains are generally safe, you must be mindful of your safety.  Some individuals commit crimes such as mugging, robberies, and theft on the London train networks.

When you feel unsafe on a train, do not be afraid to change seats or carriages, even if it seems rude to do so.

Just travel with the necessary luggage that you can keep safe. Also, carrying much cash, relevant documents, or credit cards that you do not need, should be avoided, especially during peak-times, or rushing hours.

When you are waiting for a train at the platform or station, stay in well-lit areas near other passengers. Avoid using the phone on train stations as these are the areas that thieves target, especially during peak hours.

Get more information on crime in London.

Anyone coming to London should know what to do to avoid becoming a victim of crime. One of the best ways to keep imformed is to download a Citizensadvise App on your mobile phone. It will give you detailed information including what to do in case of an incident. 

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