London Destinations: Civilised Service by London City Airport to Canary Wharf

London Destinations London City Airport

With the overwhelming number of national and international flights in London, London City Airport serves to ease the pressure on larger airports. 

Where is London City Airport?

London City Airport is located on the East side of London in Docklands, just 6 miles away from central London.  This is truly a civilized airport and close to the heart of London.  In fact, it’s the only London airport officially by postcode. 

It’s a small airport and has a single-runway which can only be used for short take-off and landing.  Currently, the airport handles over 4 million passengers.  

That number is expected to grow considerably once the ongoing expansion program is completed.

Traveling to London City Airport

Most people who travel to London City Airport use the Docklands Light Railway (DLR).  The DLR station is adjacent to the airport terminal which is very convenient for travelers. 

The airport is less than 20 minutes away from Bank station in central London.  And only 11 minutes from Canary Wharf in Docklands which is a major London financial district. 

In just 15 minutes from landing at London City Airport, you’ll be on a DLR train – which will take you directly to Bank station in Central London. 

From there you can make connections to the London Underground train networks and then travel to your destinations.  

Also, East London has some great road networks.  Because of that, you can take a bus from the airport to central London in less than 30 minutes.

The airport is located in London zone 3, which means passengers can use their Oyster cards the all-day.  And the DLR line is well linked to the London underground trains and other public transport networks. 

You can buy an Oyster card from the ticket vending machines at the DLR station.  Alternatively, you can use a travel card, contactless card, or mobile payment device. 

London City Airport Departures

The airport has a 30-minute turnaround deadline for each aircraft – that’s a lot quicker than other London airports. 

Passengers go through the terminal very fast in a very easy and hassle-free environment. That makes it more attractive for business travelers.

It only takes less than 20 minutes from the time you arrive at the airport’s front door, check-in, to the departure lounge.  You can arrive 30 minutes before your flight is due to depart. 

Once you arrive at the airport terminal, a customer service agent will approach you and offer to help with direction, and other general assistance.    

The departure lounge feels more comfortable and relaxing.  The Airport has a silent terminal policy.  Tannoy announcements are not allowed throughout the departure lounge unless there’s an emergency.  

Travelers get flight and gate information from many screens around the terminal.  The airport also offers free shoeshine service, and complimentary Wi-Fi to passengers, so that, you can work or rest in peace while waiting for your flight.

If someone wants a quiet place to work individually, the airport has a Business and a First-Class lounge.  Both lounges offer refreshments, a range of snacks, food, and alcoholic drinks. 

Passengers in the First-class lounge benefit from no queuing, and discreet security among many other benefits.

London City Airport destinations

Over half of London City Airport’s passengers travel to European cities for business.  Others travel for leisure, but the number of people who use City airport for connections in other European countries is growing. 

So, the airport is nearly exclusively for national and European flights, except for the British Airways (BA) Business class-only flight from London to New York. 

The BA flight stops at Shannon Airport in Ireland to refuel. The aircraft can’t take off with a full fuel load because the airport runway is too short. 

While in Ireland, passengers get the opportunity to clear the US customs requirements, so when they arrive at John F Kennedy Airport in New York, the aircraft goes to the domestic terminal – and all onboard enter America as domestic passengers.

The return flight flies directly back from New York to London City Airport.  It shuttles business people to the center of London’s financial district, Canary Wharf in under 9 hours.  This is the most exclusive London to New York flight service since the Concorde.

However, when the ongoing upgrade program at the airport is completed, modern fuel-efficient aircraft will fly directly to the East Coast of America and the Middle East non-stop from London City Airport.

Coming to London East-side

The New York flight is not only bringing New Yorkers to London’s financial district in Canary Wharf.  It also brings them to the most culturally diverse part of the city known as London East-Side. 

The airport is on the doorstep of a vibrant, diverse East part of London, and the modern Canary Wharf. 

The area is so energetic.  No wonder most visitors who want to stay away from the main tourist traps of Central London come to East London.         

There’s a dozen of famous international branded hotels in East London.  Some are located just 5 – 10 minutes from the airport.  And being outside Central London, the hotel rooms on average are much larger in size.   

Most hotels have the most amazing views of Central London, the River Thames, and of course the wonderful village of Greenwich.   

Some of the hotels are too close to the river you can easily go down and board the Thames Clipper.  It’s a water taxi which can allow you to look at the Greenwich Peninsula – there’s a fantastic feel around this place.  

The River Thames goes all the way around the Greenwich peninsula. 

There’s a lot of entertainment places in the area.  You have the O2 Arena, and London Excel just to mention a few.  That side of London is also home to cutting edge fashion houses and art galleries. 

You can stay in a beautiful hotel in Docklands, and very quickly go to Whitechapel.  The place also has some of the most wonderful music venues, clubs, restaurants, and bars.

Even if the London City Airport is smaller, it still provides the most pleasant experience for passengers who want a stress-free journey. 

It’s not like other London airports where incoming flights bring many jaded passengers to join thousands who pass through the terminals.

At London City Airport some travelers want to be in central London as quick as possible, and others like to be in their hotels very fast after a flight. 

The other bigger London airports most times feel they are a long way from what happens in London. 


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