Living in London: Why Does Everyone Want to Live in London?

Why do so Many People Want to Live in London

Is living in London worth it?  Why does everyone want to live in London?  Yes, London is a worthy place that’s why thousands of people from around the world always choose London as their final destination!

Everyone wants to live in London because it offers lots of work opportunities you will struggle to find somewhere else.  In London, it is very easy to find a good job, earn a decent salary, live a better lifestyle, enjoy the benefits of a strong currency, and anyone can get the platform to show their talent.  

People come to live in London to experience a global culture. London is a melting pot of world cultures partly due to its rich history as an international trading centre.  

Of course, London has challenges and that is expected. It is a huge city with over 8 million people of different nationalities will obviously have a few faults. London may not be morally pure, but it is a very tolerant, vibrant, and multicultural city.

It is a city where you can use your culture to influence someone or get influenced by others’ cultures. Besides that, London has the power, rich historical background and a reputation for inspiring other major cities around the world.

Also, London is unlike other major cities around the world and it is not difficult to notice.  Just take a look at other western countries – you will notice that the economic and political institutions are divided among different cities. 

But it is not like that in Britain.  The British put all the major institutions in their capital city.  London accommodates the political, media, economic and cultural institutions of the United Kingdom.  There is no other city in the world with such power as London.    

Other Reasons Why Everyone Wants to Live in London

There are many things that pull people to come and live in London.  It is a bit difficult to mention all, but many of them are interested in politics or work for the best companies and earn better salaries. 

Other people want to immerse themselves in history and have fun every day.  The British capital has all those available to cater for everybody’s interests.  So, it makes a lot of sense for everyone to want to live in London.

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Job Opportunities in London

With more people living in London, you may think that it is hard to find jobs in London. Fortunately, it is not as hard as some may think to be. 

Like in any other city in the world, jobs do not look for people, they must look for them.  But it is easy to find a job with better pay in London than anywhere else in the United Kingdom.

World-Class Education in London

London is not only a global center for fashion, tourism, finance, and service industry.  It has some of the most prestigious universities in the world.  These universities offer world-class high education in various academic fields. 

And some of London universities have an unmatched reputation of offering academic excellence.  Students make their decisions to come to London based on the quality of high education and the city its self.  

Moving Around London is Easy. 

What is great about living in London is that it is a cosmopolitan city with a world-class transport system.  The London public transport system works for everyone. 

The London underground railway network is the oldest in the world, but it works well.   London buses provide an efficient and cheap transport service to millions of passengers.  The Docklands light railway is a modern and advanced train system.

Getting to all London airports is also very easy.  London has five major airports: City, Gatwick, Heathrow Airport, Luton, and Stansted.  And all are well linked with the London public transport network.  

What is it Like to Live in London?

One of the good things about living in London is you will never get bored.  There is always something to keep you busy, distract you or surprise you. 

London has many top entertainment venues.   You will struggle to find them in other major cities inside and outside the United Kingdom.  It has a variety of theatres scattered around the city.  

The West End of London is an entertainment capital.  It has a wide variety of musicals, pantomime, and several other great plays. It is the only place where you can find the world’s most diverse theatre shows.

London is More than Its Magnificent Theatres 

Apart from magnificent theatres, a multitude of entertainment and shows, London has a lot more to offer all year round.  There are street parties and events no matter what time of the year that make living in London worthwhile. 

London has many free great museums and art galleries, medieval places, shopping malls, and traditional markets. 

You can find all sorts of pubs, restaurants, Libraries, canals, and many more things.  London also has a lot of open spaces, parks and a cluster of small pretty villages that feel like the countryside.  

You can walk for miles along the many canals without meeting anyone in these villages – sometimes it is hard to believe you are in London.  

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Languages in London 

The population in London is multi-ethnic made up of a wide variety of nationalities. London is a melting pot of cultures and a collection of colorful personalities. It is hard to find a place inside or outside the United Kingdom with the charm and allure of London.

The many nationalities living in London means that more than 300 hundred ethnic languages are used on streets, in markets and workplaces.

Many outsiders assume to live in London one has to speak English.  That is not the case because some people don’t speak English, yet they fit well into the London lifestyle.

It is a fact that the English language belongs to the British.  But it is also a global language and changes all the time on the streets of London because of the different nationalities that live in the British capital.

New words are created all the time and are spoken with a certain type of accent unique to Londoners.  

Surely speaking English has many advantages but you don’t necessarily need it to settle into the London culture.  The only thing you will need and that is when you are interested is to learn the unique London charming accent.   

The reality of Living in London

Living in London is exhilarating but not without issues. There are several challenges that people worry about every day.  London is a very expensive city to live in. 

It is very crowded because everyone wants to live and work there.  And that makes the cost of living in London high compared to other cities in or outside the United Kingdom. 

One of the major issues of living in London is affordable housing.  Accommodation is very expensive and it is hard to find a suitable one because of high demand.  

However, many people choose to pay high accommodation costs to live in London rather than living in other cities that are a lot cheaper.  They love the atmosphere and excitement of London. 

The high cost of living in London is a major concern.  But for most Londoners, it is a challenge worth taking on than living in soulless and boring cities. 

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London is a Magnet for Everyone

The hideous costs are not stopping many people from coming to live in London.   The population of London keeps growing every year as people come from everywhere. 

Often people who arrive in London from abroad come almost with nothing.   But they work hard and long hours to pay for high rent until they fit into London’s booming social economy. 

After a few years of hard hustling, many of them start businesses and create more jobs.  That explains why London is such an economic superpower that attracts many people.  

It is a testimony why London is a magnet for people from all over the world – and is why so many of them want to live in London.

London is a well-developed city and has been for hundreds if not thousands of years.  But it is changing all the time.  New buildings are springing up everywhere even in places where many don’t expect. 

Today London is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world and that surprises many people.  Because they expect to see the level of development taking place in London only in emerging cities.

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