15 Best Places for Street Food in London

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One of the best aspects of visiting a city or country is experiencing the food that the culture has to offer. Finding the best places for street food in London after the lockdown is an absolute must. London street food encompasses many different cultures but one thing is for certain: there is something for everyone.   

The Best Places for Street Food in London 

1. Hot Cross Bun Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches, Yolkin’ — Chinatown

Paris gets all of the credit for having great macarons but Yolkin’s macarons are more than worth the trip. A cute little macaron stand that offers macaron ice cream sandwiches, Yolkin’ is delicious enough to satisfy your taste buds and pretty enough for the hottest Instagram accounts.

There is a huge variety of flavors to choose from including pandan and coconut, almond brittle, rose stracciatella, and even Skittles flavor.

Best of all, the flavor changes every week, making it an appointment destination for residents. This is a must for those looking for the best places for street food in London.

2. Raclette, Kappacasein Dairy — Borough Market

While there are certainly plenty of beautiful sights to see in London, there may be nothing more beautiful than watching a London street food vendor such as Kappacasein spin cheese wheels as they melt right before your eyes.

They use the Swiss technique, flaming the cheese until there is a beautiful brown crust. When this happens, that beautiful golden cheese is scraped onto a plate of potatoes.

Beautiful, delicious cheese melted over potatoes will warm your taste buds and fill your belly in a way more satisfying than you have ever experienced before. Melted cheese is all that you need.

3. Rib Meat Roll, The Rib Man — Brick Lane Market

Best Grilled Meat in London | Best Street Food in London

There are few things better than good BBQ and that goes for just about any time of the year. The Rib Man is famous for having perhaps the best rib meat in the entire London area.

Not only that, but the hot sauce used is infamous and will have you clamoring for a bottle of your own.

Another thing: he’s only there once a week so he sells out quickly. Make sure that you get your spot and get your BBQ before it sells out — because it absolutely will sell out and fast.

4. Peanut Butter Berry Donut, Crosstown Donuts — Old Spitalfield Markets

Following the designer donut trend, Crosstown Donuts might do it better than anyone. They have a huge range of flavors from crème brulee to sea salt caramel banana.

They make so many delicious flavors that you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

They also appreciate a good cream filling ratio in order to make each bite the absolute perfect amount of delicious and messy. Each bite will be a wonderful experience that will have you returning back to try all of their different flavors.

5. Katsu Wrap, Katsu Wraps — Petticoat Lane Market

A favorite among the Hawaiian crowd, chicken katsu delivers a light crunch while drenched in a variety of wonderfully tasty sauces. Made into a wrap so it is easier to eat, this delicious thick wrap also only costs five pounds. That’s it.

With that kind of flavor delivered in a stomach-filling manner at a bargain of a price, it should come as little surprise that Katsu Wraps is always hoppin’.

Get in line because the Katsu Wrap is more than worth the wait and it will barely cost you anything.

6. Baby Got Mac, Grill My Cheese — Leather Lane Market

This section really could be summed up in four total words: macaroni cheese stuffed sandwich. But let’s get a little more into it. It is grilled mac and cheese in a panini bread that is also grilled. This is like college dorm room grilled cheese but on steroids.

This is the ultimate in comfort food. Every bite is absolute gold, delicious melted mac and cheese that reminds you of being a kid. There are few things better in this world than a stuffed sandwich such as this one.

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7. The Mothership, Pieminister — Leather Lane Market

If you want to truly indulge in British comfort food, you need to look no further than a steak-and-ale pie. That is one of the premier local foods and you can get one of the best around by going to Pieminister. Simply put, it is British food that has been done right.

These delicious pies are small so you can enjoy a wide variety but you can also douse them in mash, gravy, cheddar, shallots, or peas to give them that extra flavor. This is an absolute must when it comes to British street food.

8. The Dirty Barbie, Mother Flipper — Brockley Market

Best Street Burgers in London | Best Burger London Oxford Street | Best Street Food in London

Sometimes, regardless of where you are located, you just want a fat and juicy burger. Well, finding one better than this is going to be a tall task.

We thought that all the best burgers were in the States but this one is a double patty, candied bacon, candied onions, American cheese, and barbecue sauce. It’s okay; drooling is normal.

This is the kind of burger that needs a long rest or a nap to follow but it will be worth it after you have sucked down the entire thing in short order.

9. Bacon and Maple Syrup Brownie, Bad Brownie — Maltby Street Market

Maybe you’ve heard of a slutty brownie before; this is pretty much ten of those. These brownies have won a litany of awards in London and come in a variety of flavors that will leave you stocking up as if the Armageddon were on the horizon.

There are flavors such as rose and pistachio, raspberry, and even “bonfire brownie”, meaning that there are more ways than ever
before to get your chocolate fix. The way that you look at brownies will change forever when you try these.

10. Ahi Poke Bowl, Eat Poke — KERB

There are a lot of very heavy foods on this list. And while they might be rich and indulgent, they can also weigh you down and keep you from moving on with the rest of your day.

So if you want to try something on the fresher side, poke bowls are definitely the right kind of shift.

With veggies, tuna that melts in your mouth, and rice, this little taste of Hawaii will hit the spot without feeling as if you have an anchor in your stomach. Fresh is the way of food these days and a poke bowl is as fresh as it gets.

11. Masala Fries, Baba G’s — Pop Brixton

When you are on the go, sometimes a heavy meal isn’t the best route to go. After all, try wolfing down a huge burger and then trying to move. It isn’t the best idea.

But with a snack food that you can bring with you — such as these delicious fries — you get the best of both worlds.

Delicious fried potatoes with a sweet, cool chutney provide a unique take on a classic that can get boring fairly quickly.

12. Chocolate-Filled Churros, Brazilian Churros –Greenwich Market

A churros is kind of the best of both worlds when it comes to street food. It isn’t a huge meal that will drag you down but it is deep-fried goodness and everything is better when it has been deep-fried.

Not only that, but it is meant to be dipped in dulce de leche or rich chocolate sauces.

Sure, you could make a churro at home but this one is more than worth the trip and it’s just a couple of bucks. That alone should get you out to Brazilian Churros. You can even mix sauces to find a magical combination that you never knew existed.

13. Pork Bao Bun, Belly N’ Bao — Camden Lock Market

Best Street Burgers in London | Best Burger London Oxford Street | Best Street Food in London

For those unfamiliar with a bao bun, it is essentially a fluffier tortilla wrap. The right bao bun can feel huge, fluffy, and filling while making you crave more at the same time.

To make it even better, it is overflowing with pork and fresh vegetables to give your flavor palette an experience unlike any other.

If you haven’t had a bao bun, make sure to hit up Belly N’ Bao immediately for a life-changing experience.

14. Traditional Scotch Egg, Scotchtails – Borough Market

This is one of the most United Kingdom that foods there is and you get that delicious, flavorful yolk that can be eaten on its own or slathered on the accompanying fries. There is no wrong way to enjoy this classic UK delicacy and you will be going back multiple times per week.

15. Chicken Bap, Spit & Roast — Brockley Market

If you really looking for the best places for street food in London go Brockley market. The Bap is a fried chicken sandwich monster that can intimidate you just by looking at it.

Two monster pieces of fried chicken with a bit of slaw and Korean hot sauce all on top of a fluffy bun is enough to get your mouth watering.

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And if you can get your mouth around it, you will be chomping it down faster than you ever thought. This massive sandwich delivers on every front and will make you a regular customer.

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