What Is the Average Cost of Living in London England?

Summary for the cost of living in London: The family of four is over £4000 per month to rent a home, food, and other expenses. For a single person the average cost is about £2000 per month. For an international student is about £16,734 per year

How much money do you need to live in London? You may need more than you think. London is the largest city in England with a population of close to…

Living in London: Why Does Everyone Want to Live in London?

Why do so Many People Want to Live in London

Is living in London worth it?  Why does everyone want to live in London?  Yes, London is a worthy place that’s why thousands of people from around the world always…

Driving in London: Is Driving in London Hard?

Driving in London tips

Very few people can forget their first experience of driving in London. Driving a car in the British capital can embarrass even the regular drivers.

No-Go Areas in London: Is London a Safe city?

How Safe is London? Is London Safe to Visit?

London is not perfect, but it’s pretty a safe city when compared to other major cities in the world. There’re no official no-go areas in London for visitors.

What is The River Thames Famous For?

The Thames River

The River Thames is famous for more than being the longest in England or just a landmark that flows across London. For over 2000 years, the River Thames has played…

Why you Must Travel by Thames River Taxi

London River Taxi

There are many good reasons why you should travel by Thames river taxi in London.  It’s much easier and quicker than a bus, more pleasant than the Underground tube and

Tourists in London: What Attracts Tourists to London?

Why are tourists attracted to London

What attracts visitors to London is more than the amazing pictures of its magnificent ancient cathedrals, palaces, bridges, and museums.   London is big, diverse, influential, rich, and packed with many…

London Bus: Travel Around London Cheap

Getting around London with cheap travel tips

Londoners love travelling on London buses, because they offer flexibility and convenience of getting around this big and sometimes an overwhelming city. 

United Kingdom Currency: the British Pound

United Kingdom Currency | British Pounds

What is the currency in London?  The pound sterling is the United Kingdom currency used in London.  Its official name is a sterling pound, but commonly known as the pound….

15 Best Places for Street Food in London

Street Food in Central London | Best Street Food London | Best Street Food Restaurants London

One of the best aspects of visiting a city or country is experiencing the food that the culture has to offer. Finding the best places for street food in London…